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Yoga Classes | Sandhi House | Surf Reserve & Yoga Retreat | Ericeirca | Portugal

Our Yoga Studio

Our beautiful yoga shala is located seafront in Sandhi House, with stunning view of the ocean. We have daily yoga classes all year around with highly skilled and dedicated teachers. Inspired by different lineages of yoga, we offer a variety of classes suitable for all levels.
Our studio is well equipped with Manduka Yoga Mats and props, everything you will need for your practice, we even have infrared heating to provide you comfort during chilly winter months.

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Drop in Class 20€
10 class pack 100€ / 5 class pack 65€ / 3 class pack 45€

We have a limited ammount of mothly memberships available please email us here to request 

See you on the mat 💙

Our Teachers


Eva | Sandhi House | Surf Reserve and Yoga Retreat | Ericeira | Portugal

If you are looking for a yoga teacher that guides the same routine every day, or always challenges you with advanced asanas and how they should look, then I am not the teacher you search for. But if you are looking for a teacher that can adapt the routine to your needs, your body and your mood, who sees you and adjusts the practice according to what you need today, in your life were you are at this moment, right here – right now, then I might be the teacher you want
If you want to practice without hands on and adjustments , and prefer your teacher to guide you from distance, then Im not the teacher you search. But if you enjoy to interact with me, to be supported and taken care of with hands support during your practice, then Im here for you
I believe in the magic of touch, and I will guide you with my hands, my voice and my energy. To help you be aware of where you unintentionally still carry tension, or where you still have higher potensial. If touch make you feel good and safe, then I might be the teacher you look for and can find inspiration with. If not, keep looking and I know you will find another amazing teacher out there that is right for you
If you prefer to practice without music, I am not your ideal teacher. I believe in the power of music to help us get in contact with our emotions. Our soul. And I want you to FEEL when you practice. Thats the essence of yoga. Body, Mind and Soul..
If you would love to find a teacher that challenges you to embrace whatever your life is filled with right here, right now, who inspires you to both grow stronger and embrace your softness, to know when to boost the power and when to yield and relax, then you might enjoy practice with me.
I am not a vegan yoga teacher. And i do have leather shoes. Sometimes I drink wine, and I prefer coffee over ginger tea. I even eat a hamburger now and then. But I still try to take care of my body the best way I can, without making that too stressfull. Because I believe stress is our worst enemy. I struggle more to love life then to change it. I am a dedicated hedonist, I love people and I hug from the heart. I take a lot of risks, and sometimes I fuck up. And thats ok. Im not perfect, nor do I pretend to be. If I, with all my imperfections, can inspire you to be more you, to feel that you are good enough and inspire you to love more life like it is and with you in the midst of it, then I might be your right kind of teacher.
And if my words somehow makes sense, makes you curious, ignites a spark somewhere deep inside you, then I hope we can meet on the mat and practice together.


Verónica | Sandhi House | Surf Reserve and Yoga Retreat | Ericeira | Portugal

Verónica really fell in love with her practice when she discovered Yin Yoga in Amsterdam. She realized how this practice could help her to listen to her body, her inner voice and how to be gentle with herself.

She studied traditional Yoga in India and she has developed her own unique way of how to integrate this practice with our modern needs . She truly believes that self care is one of the most important things that we tend to neglect nowadays, because we experience such fast paced lives. Selfcare is what she wants to encourage in her lessons, combining Yin slow flows with special blended oils and beautiful and inspiring music. Her intention is to help you to surrender on your mat and be fully focussed on taking care of your body and soul.

Veronica connect deeply with all her students, and provides you the guidance your body needs



Coco is a 500hrs Hatha Yoga teacher
always fascinated by the human body and movement in all its forms and expressions.
She really likes the contact with other people and she is very lucky to be able to pass on her passion to others and to share what she knows.
“It is wonderful the energy that is created during a practice, it is all a giving and receiving and there is a continuous exchange”
In her lessons Coco prepares simple sequences that work the whole body, for a total well-being at 360 degrees. Her goal is for every level student to acquire greater awareness of their body to feel good both physically, mentally and emotionally.



Arlene is a passionate yogini form the Netherlands that has been studying & teaching Yoga worldwide for the last 10 years. She has taught classes, workshops and YTT’s all over the globe and is currently studying to become a Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.  

“Yoga gives me a sense of intimacy with myself, the present moment and allows me to be in harmony with all that is constantly arising. The practice reminds me to always live from my heart with full trust that everything is naturally evolving to it’s fullest potential.”  

Her classes are centred around breath based movement and include pranayama, bits of philosophy and guided relaxation. 

Arlene is 1000+ hours certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation & Pre – and Postnatal Yoga and you will find her sharing a variety of classes in the studio. 



João is an Andorra-born Yoga/Meditation teacher and Reiki healer devoted to his Dharma of helping others awaken to their Truth, to Love. 

With a high focus on Pranayama, João likes to emphasise how the breath should be used not only as a cleansing tool but, more so, as a language to communicate, to open a dialogue between Mind, Body and Soul – re-astablishing balance through the opening of the chakras. Ha (Sun, masculine) and Tha (Moon, feminine). Yin and Yang. Let the coiled Serpent awaken. 

After having spent the last 13 years in London, with a recent journey of Southeast Asia, where he soaked in not only those cultures and traditions but also having deepened his knowledge of Yoga, he’s now back in Portugal to share and hold space for your healing. 



On a journey through a holistic and conscious life, Yoga found its way into my heart. I could barely imagine that it would unfold into a journey of self-discovery and the mat would become my safe place. 

This ancestral practice allowed me to honour, respect and care for myself deeply, to find harmony within, to explore breath and movement, mind and body. 

As I practised more and felt more what Yoga truly is, I couldn’t keep myself from deepening my knowledge, completing YTT’s and sharing my view of Yoga.

Every flow is a sacred chance to ground, let go and reset and to create a space infused with love, calmness and curiosity so that we feel the power of going within mindfully. 

My classes integrate all your body koshas (layers) and aim to inspire and challenge you to be fully authentic, present in space and time and closer to your essence nature. 

I am Susana and I can’t wait to share the energy with you on the mat. 

Susana is certified in Hatha Vinyasa (200hrs) Yin (60hrs) and Meditation (25hrs). 



Hi I’m Georgia, and I’m from South Africa! 

I was a ballet dancer growing up and loved creating beauty through moving my body. After leaving school and ending my ballet training I turned to yoga. I didn’t expect to find much more than physical benefits, but yoga reignited my love for moving my body in a beautiful and creative way that felt intuitive to me without having to always be perfect. it allowd me to get out of my mind and into the present moment, bringing me mental clarity and stability in the fast-paced world. 

After university I spend some time in Colorado helping at a yoga studio and practicing under the guidance of incredible teachers there. I then completed my Hatha and Vinyasa training here in Portugal where I was encouraged to develop my unique style of teaching. 

I am so happy to share the joy of yoga with others. I love teaching fun, power flows or stretchy yin yang flows. Whatever level or background, I believe that yoga will bring you so many benefits, so take this as your sign to join us at Sandhi! 



Lara fell in love with Yoga in her first asana practice in 2019. Coming from a total different background of bodybuilding and boxing, Yoga brought back that ease & grounding into her life, that she was unconsciously seeking. Since then she is exploring the wholesome yogic lifestyle of connection and healing and keeps learning and growing day by day. Furthermore she is studying trauma-informed Tantra and shares its healing benefits in tantric rituals and embodiment practices.

In her Vinyasa Flows Lara shares the principles of moving meditation with a simultaneous awareness of breath and body. You will be guided through fluid and sensual flows with a primary focus on how you are feeling – in this exact moment, in this specific position, in the depth of your being. 



As a lifelong athlete, Emily has always been fascinated by the effects of movement on the human body. While initially drawn to yoga by the physical aspects of the asana practice as a complement to the many other sports and physical activities she was used to engaging in, Emily’s appreciation for the entirety of the practice and its myriad benefits – physical, mental and emotional – continues to grow with each passing year. 

“I practice yoga as a way of keeping myself mentally and physically healthy – so that I can be present to fully enjoy and bring my best to everything I love to do! Surfing, running, horseback riding – I’m always happiest outside in nature and moving my body. ” 
A firm believer that balance is best in all things, Emily teaches an athletic vinyasa flow focused on a combination of strength, mobility and functional movement. Her goal in teaching is to encourage others to explore the possibilities – to find ways to move their bodies that feel good and to make their practice truly their own. Emily hopes to empower all of her students to move with ease, awareness and intention. 
Emily also teaches group fitness classes and horseback riding lessons here in Ericeira and is a certified nutrition coach.



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Anna Maria is a multi-style Yoga teacher (with over 1000hrs E-RYT), stretching instructor, and dancer, and is  here to share the love and wisdom of what yoga means to her.

Draw from a broad range of yogic knowledge acquired through numerous courses in Poland and abroad, including India and Indonesia. Every day, she works on her development, deepen her personal practice, and study wonderful books by great sages. It is an integral part of the dharma she has been given to fulfil.

The types of Yoga she teaches include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Mantra and Kundalini. She also creates practices based on a broad understanding of tantric knowledge, where Yoga is combined with a dance flow and meditation – Vinyasa Dance.

“For me, Yoga is an incredible tool that allows us to live life to the fullest in harmony with the world around us. It is a great gift and a path to truth and love within ourselves”. 

In her class, she emphasizes awareness of the right posture with respect to your body specific, the connection
between breath and movement, and observing and acknowledging
sensations within us. Embracing fully the present moment.